How to Improve the Employee Experience

Running a business can feel like juggling a lot of balls at once. One ball you don’t want to drop is how your employees interact and engage with not only your business but with each other.

A lot of companies are taking the initiative to cater food and offer fun outings but sometimes that isn’t enough. Employees want to feel proactively supported. Let’s explore some of the ways you can improve your employee experience right now.


Taking a load-off

A busy employee isn’t always a happy employee. Most employees are looking for that “work-life” balance and want to know you’re supporting them to achieve this. Investing in some online resources could be beneficial for keeping the workload lighter. Online onboarding or switching to an automatic upload for expense reports are resources that take less time than paper and free up time for your employees. The use of surveys is an effective way to get valued feedback.

Learning and expanding

You know how you feel more productive and accomplished when you’re confident? It’s the same way your employees feel about their job performance. Research shows employees want to feel successful. Give your employees a few hours per month to invest in themselves by watching a tutorial or attending a conference. You’ll notice a difference in their confidence and productivity.

Celebrate the achievements

Whether it’s a big achievement or a small one, it’s important to give that pat on the back. It is always a good idea to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or a new baby! The most important thing to remember about celebrating success is to be consistent.

Open Communication

Think of your employees like your customers. You want to dedicate the same time and attention to your employees as you do to attracting new business. Transparency in conversations is important so that your employees feel like they can truly open up to you. Making meetings face-to-face will also help make the employee feel more engaged. You want to stress to your employees that you value their voices by putting their suggestions into action.

There are many ways to improve the employee experience. Put yourself in their shoes from time-to-time. Show that you value and appreciate them as people and the work that they do.