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Professional Employer Organization

We help your business take care of the HR services, responsibilities, and risks that come with being an employer.  You can focus on managing and motivating your employees, while we handle all the HR administrative and compliance tasks for you.  

HR Consulting

Human Resources

If you have your own HR staff already in place, there are likely situations where they need either additional expertise or capacity.  That’s where our team of certified HR professionals is ready to help as an on-call resource for projects or employee issues.

Trusted HR Services Partners

“We are a small company that has worked with HCC for several years but have never been treated like we were a small organization. The HCC dedicated staff is always available to take care of our needs.”

Steven S.Non-Profit

“It’s been a crazy year. The help of the entire HCC team has been indispensable. HCC does wonderful work!”

Jessica D.Aviation

"We’re a small company, but the service and support HCC delivers makes us feel like we’re one of their largest clients. They are very responsive to our employees and our company. HCC is an exemplary partner because of what they do for us and the way they do it."

Susan Lupke

Susan L.Talent Acquisition

"I have used HCC for over 20 years. Their team is accessible and knowledgeable as mentors, leaders, and friends to my staff. HR issues can make or break an organization, so it’s imperative they are handled by experts who are quick to respond with options. When problems arise, HCC has the experts!"

Robert DeVoss

Robert DPerforming Arts

“As a start-up organization, HCC’s guidance and leadership have been invaluable to our success. Our partnership has allowed our small non-profit to recruit and administer our human resources activities like a Fortune 500 company.”

Leslie W.Non-Profit

"HCC has been a true partner to our benefits agency for over a decade. The enhanced level of service our clients receive from the HCC team distinguishes them from all others we have worked with. No other PEO provides this. Our HCC relationship is built on a high level of trust which is difficult to find anywhere in business.

Jim DInsurance Broker Agent

"I love working with HCC. They have our backs, no matter what. Working with HCC, compared to our last PEO, is night and day. I know they have our best interests in mind. I truly appreciate how easy their team makes everything. This really is a partnership and not just a vendor relationship. I really appreciate that."

Brittany Figg

Brittany F.Travel


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