PEO – Professional Employer Organization

With Our PEO Solution, You Drive Your Business And We Drive Your HR

Our PEO Solution Can Grow Your Business

As an employer, you are likely experiencing an evolving workforce that spans multiple generations and has different expectations than just a few years ago. You also probably feel the challenge of having to follow the ever-changing rules and regulations tied to having employees. When you add in your “day job” of running your organization and setting a strategy to grow your business, it can be hard to stay focused. That’s where having Human Capital Concepts as your PEO partner can make a difference! 

Make Sure Your PEO Is Certified

As a Certified Professional Employer Organization, HCC provides a partnership to simplify being an employer. by managing employee-related responsibilities and risks on your behalf. It’s a shared employment relationship where we take on the responsibility for your HR, while you maintain full control of decisions about your employees and your company. We shoulder the administrative and regulatory compliance workload, so you can focus on attracting, retaining, managing, and motivating the people who make your organization great. 

We provide you with a dedicated team of specialists to administer and manage the nuts and bolts of being an employer. Worries about things like payroll taxes, benefits administration, and employment law changes no longer apply — we’ve got your back. Beyond just outsourcing, we are your accountable partner for the legal liabilities of managing your HR.  

Our expert team delivers efficiency, compliance, and consistent high-touch service. You have their direct access numbers instead of a call center contact number. You won’t be routed through phone directories, hoping to find the right person who will get back to you with the answers you need. Our team is dedicated to treating your team well, resolving your issues quickly, and giving you the support you need.

HCC’s PEO Is Your One Source To Simplify Being An Employer

Without HCC, your organization must deal with different vendors for payroll, benefits, 401(k) administration, compliance, and HR — this can be complicated.  More importantly, you’re ultimately responsible for figuring out who’s accountable when things slip through the cracks. 

With HCC, simplicity and accountability are built into our collaboration with you. We are the single vendor to deliver all these services to your organization. There’s one place to call with questions. There’s one team to take responsibility for HR issues. Our PEO is the one solution that simplifies being an employer.

Here’s How a PEO Can Improve Your Success

A study from the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations shows that businesses using a PEO:


Report revenues have increased since becoming a PEO client


Less likely to go out of business during the pandemic


Average annual ROI from using a PEO


Lowered employee turnover rate


Faster growth

Choose A Better PEO, Certified By The IRS

A Certified PEO (CPEO) is a special designation from the IRS that shows we have met their rigorous standards for financial responsibility, trustworthiness, and accurate reporting. The Certified PEO designation is maintained by complying with stringent requirements on a quarterly and annual basis. Fewer than one of every ten PEOs have taken these steps to meet and maintain the status of a Certified PEO. 

As a Certified PEO, HCC provides an extra layer of security, fraud protection, and tax benefits for the business owners we serve. For example, you can avoid double taxation even if you switch to us mid-year. We are one of the first PEOs in the United States and the first PEO in our home state of Indiana to receive certification.

HCC’s PEO Solution Simplifies Being An Employer

HR Administration

  • Dedicated team of HR specialists
  • Expert advice and assistance for employee-related issues
  • Workplace policy support

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  • Automated new-hire onboarding
  • Paycheck processing with direct deposit or pay cards
  • Tax deductions/filings with full transfer of liability to HCC
  • Garnishments and loans

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  • Enrollment of new hires and plan year adds/changes
  •  Full plan administration and invoice reconciliation 
  • Employee support for questions or coverage issues
  •  401(k) plan administration, including removal of fiduciary liability
  • ACA reporting 

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  • Browser-based HR  platform with anytime access to all relevant employee information
  • Employee self-service and access via mobile or desktop/tablet
  • Reporting

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Risk Management

  • Labor Law compliance assistance and guidance
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage and return to work programs
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

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Learning Management

  • Online learning management with access from any platform with login
  • Training for all or designated groups of employees
  • Education and growth information

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Comprehensive HR Services From One HR Partner

HCC’s PEO solution includes payroll, benefits, risk management, and HR administration that you would expect from a PEO. However, we offer much more,  including a technology portal for you or your employees to access important human resource information, a learning portal for employee career growth and regulatory training, and even hiring and performance management solutions, all in one place. We truly simplify being an employer. 

Transparent Billing

With our PEO, you know exactly which services are included and how much you’re paying for each. It adds a level of predictability to your business that you can count on.