HCC’s Susan Rider Speaks At Elevate Wellness Conference on May 24 

Mental Health in the Workplace Requires HR Involvement

Susan Rider - Human Capital Concepts
HCC’s Susan Rider, Director of Compliance and HR Consultanting

HCC’s Susan Rider is a speaker for the upcoming Elevate Wellness Conference on May 24 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Ft. Wayne, IN.  The conference addresses mental health and addiction strategies in the workplace. Rider’s talk, “Mental Health in the Workplace: The Role HR Plays” will focus on roles and responsibilities to help address the mental health needs of employees, with actionable takeaways for enhancing or implementing a program in your organization.

With the rapid pace of evolving workplaces and a changing society, employers recognize the need to support the health and wellbeing of their employees, beyond just physical health. Elevate Wellness Summit focuses on the business aspect of mental health and addiction in the workplace. As a speaker, Rider is passionate about providing the knowledge, resources, strategy, and partners to help “Elevate Wellness” within the walls of businesses.  

“As human resource professionals, we must elevate our organizations to be transparent, flexible, and resilient in meeting all employees’ needs. From implementing policies and procedures that support mental health to ensuring benefit parity and access to treatment, it’s our role to manage workplace programs related to behavioral health and wellbeing that provide for physical, mental, and emotional health,” notes Rider, who leads HCC’s HR Consulting solutions. 

The event programming may be submitted for Approved Provider Program status with HRCI, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the HR profession by developing and administering best-in-class certifications.

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