HCC Featured On cityCURRENT Podcast

cityCURRENT host Jeremy C. Park talks with HCC’s Jeff Hallam about how the company business owners, small businesses and nonprofits can benefit from a PEO to offload the administrative and regulatory work and responsibility that goes along with being an employer.

During the interview, Hallam talked about how HCC is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

“We’ve committed the extra effort, reporting, and expense to meet the Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) standards via the IRS.”

With so many components of HR, including onboarding, online benefits enrollment, payroll, taxes, benefit plan administration, 401k administration, HR issues, compliance guidance & assistance, and more, most organizations can benefit from partnering with a PEO as a logical part of their organization to outsource, just like accounting and legal.

Hallam continued, “We’ve been able to significantly help our clients over the past year with all of the challenges and new regulations that have been by-products of the pandemic. Instead of them having to figure things out on their own, like PPP loans, PPP forgiveness, FFCRA, ERTC, and the newer ARPA, we’ve done the legwork and provide them with timely guidance on what these things mean and how they impact their companies.”

When asked about the difference between HCC and other national PEOs, Hallam talked about how HCC provides clients with direct access to a dedicated team to work with for specific expertise, without avoids call centers, 800 numbers, and lots of red tape for clients and their employees. 

“People really like working with people they know and who get to know them.”