Free Training – Unconscious Bias

Unconscious biases associated with differences can, and often times do create barriers in the workplace. These biases, if left unmanaged, can negatively impact recruiting, hiring, promoting, disciplining, engaging, and retaining employees. Obviously, there is a direct effect on your company culture. HCC thought it was a great time to offer a free training program covering some of these issues. We invited guest speaker, Toni Neely. Toni is a certified trainer in the following areas: Diversity & Inclusion, Sales and Customer Service, Leadership Development and Team Building. She currently works for the Indy Chamber of Commerce as the Director of Membership Relations.

Toni covered a lot of specific issues and addressed how to combat these issues. One of her exercises involved each participant writing down words or phrases they felt described different ethnicities she presented; regardless if they were positive or negative. Toni then asked everyone to write down words or phrases that defined the characteristics one used when hiring a new employee for their organization. Each participant was then asked to identify the common characteristics used to describe the different ethnicities versus those used when hiring. This simple exercise showed some of the ways you can be influenced by unconscious bias when you are hiring.

Toni then guided us through a discussion on how these stereotypes and perceptions impact unconscious bias and control our behaviors in the workplace.


HCC and our guests were delighted to have Toni join us for the training and many commented on how much they learned.

This training is just one of the ways that HCC delivers value to clients and our community. We hope that you can join HCC for our next free training on September 25, 2019, to learn more about, “How to attract and hire talent for your organization”; something most companies are struggling to address. To receive a reminder about how when you can reserve your spot for this training, sign up with your email here: Reminder for training. We look forward to seeing you there!