Client Spotlight: Decimal

Human Capital Concepts has the opportunity to partner with great companies as an HR partner to help our clients simplify being an employer. As a good partner, we recognize that our clients can often provide beneficial services to each other. That’s why we’re featuring client companies who can help you grow your business.

Human Capital Concepts  Client Spotlight: Decimal

Meet Decimal. Decimal is accounting operations for small businesses, providing bookkeeping, technology setup and support, bill pay, and just about any kind of accounting operations that can free up your own financial leaders to focus on higher-value activities to help grow your organization. 

In a recent conversation with Decimal CEO Matt Tait, he shared that the company was started in January of 2020 to help to solve common accounting issues small businesses face, making sure your company can pay the bills, get paid, and track it all so you don’t have to. With additional funding in hand, the company continues to develop its technology platform, adding services, and growing sales. 

Organizations are realizing the advantages of partnering with experts for HR and IT, so partnering for accounting operations is a natural progression that enables smart businesses to free up resources to focus on their core business operations that grow their business. 

With an operations-first approach, Decimal can augment your internal team with accounting activities or take on your accounting operations workload completely off your plate at a fixed monthly price that makes the service a very affordable solution for most small and mid-sized businesses.

Many organizations have between five and fifteen different back-office software programs to coordinate and align with accounting processes. Decimal starts by consolidating and integrating your technology by first understanding business processes and accounting processes and then effectively and efficiently streamlining your technologies as a unified system to support your processes. 

Some of the biggest accounting pain points are often centered around technology and tasks, so the opportunity to engage external support for your internal team can create a lot of leverage to focus on growing your company instead of bookkeeping, bill pay, invoicing, and more. By streamlining your back-office, you unlock more time, resources, and financial insights for your team, and grow your business.

Decimal can help you get your time back, save you money, and give you peace of mind. They have built a rapidly growing business by giving customers unbeatable responsiveness, efficiency, and relationships. Contact Matt Tait directly at for more information or to get started. He’s a great client with a great solution for your business.