Our client, Ascent 121 receives FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award!

We are so proud of our client, Ascent 121 for their recent community leadership award. Ascent 121 provides clinical recovery services for over a hundred central Indiana teens. They host awareness and professional development training for 3,600 people in the Indiana community.

The FBI office in Indianapolis presented Ascent 121 with the 2017 Director’s Community Leadership Award on Jan. 22. The formal award ceremony will take place at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. on April 20.

“Victims of human trafficking often have a palpable distrust of law enforcement. We are fortunate that Ascent 121 works to calm fears and create opportunities where their clients can see that we actually do care about what victims have experienced and we have the ability and desire to try to hold perpetrators accountable,” Abdullah said. “While maintaining their therapeutic relationship with the victim, Ascent 121 is still able to work toward facilitating investigations.  There is a sense of mutual respect and understanding of separate roles and abilities. We truly value the incredibly difficult work that they, and others, do on behalf of victims of human trafficking.” Ascent 121 Chief Executive Officer Megan Jessup said the nonprofit is humbled to receive the award.

We are honored to be the PEO of choice for Ascent 121 and proud of all the work they are doing for our community. Congratulations Ascent 121!