HCC’s Jeff Hallam Speaks About The Value of A PEO On Your Team

Partnering for success can help drive growth and opportunity. Having a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) as your HR partner consistently helps businesses grow faster with less risk by taking on all of the administrative and regulatory HR work tied to having employees. In a recent article in The Tennessee Insuror, HCC’s Jeff Hallam talks about the advantages a PEO provides to insurance agents and their clients. 

Hallam noted, “Working with a PEO is a way to simplify most everything involved with being an employer. They can offload admin and regulatory duties, allowing client owners and management more time to focus on their business.”

When asked about changes in the PEO industry over the last decade, Hallam commented, “Probably the biggest change over the last few years has been the introduction of the IRS Certified PEO (CPEO) designation. A PEO with this designation has met the rigorous IRS standards for financial responsibility, trustworthiness, and accurate reporting.”

A partnership between a PEO and insurance brokers and agents can offer clients one team that helps provide the comprehensive and competitive HR services needed to be competitive in today’s talent marketplace. Employers gain a huge advantage without the challenges that can come from managing multiple vendors and multiple technology platforms for payroll, benefits, regulatory compliance, and other administration of HR services. The team approach ensures that support solutions work together in the best interest of clients. Brokers and agents who partner with a CPEO maintain their client relationships and offer more innovative solutions for their clients. 

As a proud partner of Insurors of Tennessee, HCC teams with insurance brokers and agents across Tennessee to offer clients the right team to simplify being an employer. Let us know how we can team up for success.