Full-Service HR

Full-Service HR

We simplify the Human Resource aspect of having employees
With Full-Service HR, you are assigned a team that includes an HR consultant, along with payroll and benefit professionals that get to know you and your employees. When you have an issue, there are no 800 numbers to call—just real people with real contact information that want to take care of you and your employees.
About HCC

HCC handles all aspects of benefits, payroll, HR administration, and risk management for your business while you continue to manage and motivate your employees. Our team cares deeply about your employees and your company, which means a sense of tranquility for your business. As a locally-owned business in Indiana, we know the challenges you face because we have faced them too. We know that trust is a factor in all your decision-making which is why we went the extra mile to become CPEO certified.

HCC was the first Indiana-based PEO to become a CPEO. The certification gives business owners confidence when selecting us as their PEO, and provides them with an extra layer of protection. We take pride in providing our community of business owners and their employees an umbrella of safety and security.

PEO Details

Research has shown, businesses that use a PEO enjoy a better chance of survival, higher growth rates, lower employee turnover, and higher employee satisfaction. Here are some statistics from The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO).

Explore the Impact of PEOs

would recommend a PEO to a small business colleague


report that their revenues have increased since becoming a PEO client

Business Grows Faster

Businesses using PEOs grow faster

Lower Employee Turnover

Businesses using a PEO typically have a lower turnover rate.

Less likely to go out of business

Businesses that use PEOs are approximately 50 percent less likely to fail.

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