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people-8As a full-service Human Resource (HR) management firm, Human Capital Concepts, LLC offers you many advantages over other HR consulting firms who may have a more limited menu of services. Because we specialize in providing integrated and customized HR management solutions, our wide range of services is geared specifically for your company—everything from payroll administration and day-to-day HR management support to providing and administering employee benefit plans. Human Capital Concepts, LLC has the expertise and experience to help ease the administrative and financial burdens of managing your employees, giving you more time to manage your core business.

When you partner with Human Capital Concepts, LLC, you’re working with an experienced Professional Employer Organization. We are members of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), and are active participants in their conferences and events, both nationally and locally. As such, we are well-versed in industry trends and cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We can help you provide “Fortune 500-quality” employee benefits such as, health and dental insurance, 401(k) plans, 529 plan and flexible spending plans, for example—that you probably can’t offer on your own. These benefits can translate into greater job satisfaction for your employees and higher productivity for you.

A partnership with Human Capital Concepts, LLC will enable you to retain full control of your company while concentrating on growing your business and managing its day-to-day operations. We essentially take on the role of HR manager, providing payroll, benefits administration, employee relations, regulatory compliance and many other day-to-day HR-related services.

So whether you’re an HR manager who needs more or better resources or a business owner who has neither the time nor expertise to manage your HR functions, call us today to find out how we can help you run your business better. With Human Capital Concepts, LLC, you can get back to the business of running your business!



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