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We are pleased to inform you that HCC recently attained the status of a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) from the IRS. Our effective date is retroactive to January 1, 2017. HCC is the first Indiana based PEO company and only one of thirty-three companies in America to receive this IRS certification.

What does the HCC CPEO certification mean to you?
The certification works as peace of mind for business owners when selecting a PEO. It also establishes requirements that not only provides protection for clients but saves them money. The following are some of the benefits this designation provides CPEO customers:

  • Establishes requirements that tax payments to the IRS be audited as to their timeliness and accuracy.
  • Requires a $1 million Surety Bond to the IRS to ensure taxes are paid on behalf of clients
  • Protects PEO clients by explicitly stating that CPEO’s are solely liable for wages paid to worksite employees
  • Allows HCC to pass through to each client certain federal tax credits they earn. Examples include research, work opportunity, and empowerment zone tax credits.
  • Eliminates the potential for double taxation of FICA and FUTA taxes when a business enters a PEO relationship during the calendar year

A non CPEO cannot legally do any of the above. While it took us almost a year to get this certification, there is more work to do. HCC is excited to be one of the first CPEO’s in the country. “HCC’s goal is to provide the best possible service to our clients. It’s an incredible accomplishment to become one of the first PEO’s in America to secure this certification. We will continue to strive to be a leader in our industry.” said Harlan Schafir, Chief Executive Officer. “It was a laborious process to obtain this certification but it shows the nature of our company and the dedication to our clients,” added Steve Kellam, President of Human Capital Concepts.

HCC is a leading full-service PEO based in Indiana. HCC specializes in providing customized Human Resources and Benefits solutions to companies of all sizes. For more information about HCC, contact Harlan Schafir at

The IRS does not endorse any particular certified professional employer organization. For more information on certified professional employer organizations go to


24 Jan 2017

ACA Controlled Group Letter 2017

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HCC PEO Clients:



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Human Capital Concepts Teams with the Indiana Chamber and Anthem to provide a Unique Business Resource for Chamber Members

Human Capital Concepts, an Indianapolis-based HR services organization, announced today it will partner with the  Indiana Chamber and Anthem to create an HR outsourcing option for members.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN July 22, 2016 – Human Capital Concepts (HCC), a Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) company, is teaming with the Indiana Chamber and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to create ChamberCare Business Resources ; a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offering component of the ChamberCare Solutions program. The PEO offering, which became available July 1st, allows companies to outsource select human resources functions and focus on growing their businesses. For many of the Indiana Chamber member companies, the PEO structure also provides the advantages of large group underwriting for benefits as compared to the less flexible small group community rating.

“We are honored to be selected by the Indiana Chamber and Anthem to be their partner for this new offering to Indiana business owners,” says Harlan Schafir, CEO of HCC. “Remaining compliant in the ever-changing HR landscape is a monumental task for any business owner. A PEO manages those complexities, while also allowing companies to attract top tier talent by improving employee benefits and creating a culture people want to be a part of, while leaving business leaders to focus on running their business.”

Schafir started the state’s first PEO in the early 1990s. In addition, the HCC team has more than 125 years of experience in the industry, making them a natural choice for this partnership. For companies who are looking to outsource some of their human resources functions, the PEO offering is invaluable.

“The Indiana Chamber-Anthem partnership has been an excellent one for our member companies, as well as their employees and families,” says Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “We’ve been listening, discussing and searching for the right tools and products – and we’ve found them in this evolution to ChamberCare Solutions.”

HCC specializes in providing HR and Benefits solutions to companies of all sizes nationwide. HCC offers a wide range of services that are geared specifically for each company – everything from payroll administration and day-to-day HR management support to providing and administering employee benefit plans. HCC also has the expertise and knowledge to help companies maintain compliance with the changing employment regulations and reporting requirements.

The Indiana Chamber has partnered with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield since 2004 on ChamberCare, an insurance discount offering for businesses with between two and 99 employees. In addition to the new ChamberCare Business Resources, the ChamberCare Solutions program offers ChamberCare Savings, the previous ChamberCare discount program, and ChamberCare Exchange for companies with fewer than 50 employees and a potentially unhealthy, higher-risk population.

About Human Capital Concepts
Indianapolis-based Human Capital Concepts (HCC) is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) company that specializes in providing integrated and customized HR management solutions. For more information about HCC, visit or contact Harlan Schafir at

HCC is happy to announce their new partnership with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Learn more about ChamberCare here.

ibjTwo Carmel-based human resource companies are planning to add 35 employees, more than doubling their staff sizes.

ExactHire plans to add 12 employees to its existing full-time staff of 10. Its sister company, Human Capital Concepts, expects to add 23 workers to its existing team of 14.

Human Capital Concepts specializes in assisting companies nationwide with HR management, which can include overseeing payroll administration, employee benefit packages and employment regulations and reporting requirements.

“We’re excited to build upon the success we’ve already experienced in the HR and benefits industry right here in this region,” Schafir said. “The new talent we’re seeking to hire will give us the momentum we need to continue our growth.”

Read the full article here.


Human Capital Concepts (HCC) a Professional Employer Organization and HR Consulting company based in Indianapolis, IN is pleased to announce the addition of Kendra Gard, Payroll Coordinator, and  Ca’Sandra Erdman-Oncay, Benefits Coordinator, to its staff at the Richmond office. To learn more about HCC, please visit

21 Mar 2016

HCC to sponsor at Mira Awards

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miraThe Mira Awards bring together the Tech community in Indianapolis and HCC is proud to be a sponsor at this year’s Awards. The ceremony is on April 23rd at the Westin in downtown. To read more about this great event, please visit:

28 Nov 2015

HCC adds new Employee

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Human Capital Concepts (HCC) a Professional Employer Organization and HR Consulting company based in Indianapolis, IN is pleased to announce the addition of Jessica Minner, Systems Manager, to its staff. To learn more about HCC, please visit

President Obama recently proposed new overtime regulations which could greatly effect businesses by increasing the minimum salary requirements for an employee to be classified as exempt. More details can be found in the articles from CNN and the Washington Post. According to these sources, the minimum is expected to rise from approximately $455 per week to approximately $970 per week, requiring that any employee who makes less than $970 per week will begin to receive overtime pay for any time over 40 hours. Although at this time it is only a proposed change, this is something that business owners should be aware of going forward in order to prepare for how the proposed changes could impact them.

28 May 2015

HCC Adds Three New Employees

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Human Capital Concepts (HCC) a Professional Employer Organization and HR Consulting company based in Indianapolis, IN is pleased to announce the addition of Theresa Tymoski, HR Consultant, Kristine Jarboe, HR Administrator and Justin Uhlman, Benefits & Payroll Coordinator, to its staff.

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