Running your business and having employees does not mean YOU have to be the Human Resources Department!

Human Capital Concepts (HCC) can handle all your Human Resources and payroll needs.  Our professionals have many years of service and are experts in the areas of:


By partnering with HCC, you can offer large company benefits regardless of your size. Having a powerful benefit package will allow you to hire and retain the best and the brightest employees.  We will also keep you compliant with the changing laws in this area.

Human Resource

Every year, more HR laws are passed and more employees file lawsuits against companies. Most small companies are not equipped to handle these employee situations; we are! Our HR professionals help you avoid problems and provide you with top-notch advice and HR support for the situations you face as an employer.


Payroll processing is time consuming and confusing for most companies. HCC will handle all aspects of payroll including, tax deductions and filings, garnishments, tracking hours, benefit contributions, deductions and garnishments.

Risk Management

Workers’ compensation issues and legal risk are a concern of every business owner. As a client, you can rely on the HCC staff to help avoid accidents, guide employees to quick recovery when they do get hurt and help you avoid areas of legal exposure relating to employees.

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